Our Tips on How to Ace a Legal Job Interview!

Who are you applying to work for/with, and who will be doing the interviewing? Lawyers are a specific breed – ‘driven,’ ‘ambitious,’ and ‘adversarial’ are all excellent qualities in attorneys. But in considering potential co-workers, make sure you listen to your gut, as these are people who you may be spending more time with than your family, friends, or significant other!


Research your potential employer. Read their mission statement, check their social media messaging, and thoroughly review Vault if the firm has a profile – do your values align? What do their clients say? Check Google reviews. Are they certified by any groups or organizations (as a Benefit Corporation, for example)?


What role are you applying for?


Study the job description. Research potential colleagues in the role.  (Linkedin is a great place to start).

Consider your experience and how it aligns with the job description. Are there any discrepancies? If so, think through which transferable skills you may be able to  highlight.


Where/When/How will the interview be conducted?



  • Map out your commute to ensure that you arrive 15 minutes early.

  • Dress professionally – dress for court. Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed, and presentable.

  • Make eye contact, maintain good posture, and smile.



  • Speak clearly.

  • Sit or stand up with good posture.

  • Smile when answering questions – your tone will come across as more energetic and positive.

  • As you are likely calling from a cell phone, test the spot you will be calling from to ensure good cell service.



  • Make sure your internet connection is fast and stable.

  • Set the camera at eye level and, if possible, place a light in front of your computer to avoid shadows and illuminate your face.

  • Make “eye contact” with the camera while speaking.

  • Tidy the room you’ll be interviewing from/use a professional background.

  • Pick a quiet space and use the mute button when appropriate.


Ideally, within 24 hours, send a thank you note to everyone who took the time to speak with you. More on that in a future blog!

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