5 Steps to Writing an Effective Thank You Letter Post Interview

  1. Send a thank you letter within 48 hours of the interview.


Aim to send your thank you letter the same day or night of your interview, or no later than the following day. While a handwritten thank you note can make a big impression, it’s not the most effective option, given the delays associated with sending it, combined with the fact that many attorneys are now working from home. Email is the most efficient and reliable way to send your thank note.

  1. Make it personal.

Let’s face it, the amount of time you (and your future colleagues) will be with each other is likely more than you’ll spend each week with your significant other, family, or friends. Of course, your work relationships are necessarily professional, but it will help if you like your co-workers and can relate on a friendly level! If you found a personal connection during the interview (for example, your passion for pro-bono work or your shared love of rescue dogs), reference it in your thank you note!

  1. Don’t copy and paste!

Many screening interviews are with one person which makes your thank you note job easier.  However, a second or third round of interviews will involve multiple interviewers.  Resist the temptation to write the same generic email to all interviewers, as your emails may well be circulated and multiple iterations of the same note will not serve you well.  To avoid reinventing the wheel, consider sending one email to multiple interviewers if they interviewed you together in the same group.

  1. Remind the interviewer of the qualifications you bring to the position.

Chances are, you are one of many candidates for the position. Interviewers can find it difficult to remember specifics for each person. A thank you letter is a great chance to reiterate any key qualifications you can bring to the position and the law firm.

  1. Express your desire for a follow-up meeting.

Close by letting the interviewer know you value the time they spent with you and express your desire for a follow-up meeting. This shows employers you are ready to move forward.

ATB recruiters have seen gazillions of thank you notes. We are happy to guide you through this important part of the interview process!

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