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Legal Job Search – Empowering Diverse Candidates

A legal job search can be overwhelming.

The time, energy and great stakes involved with a legal job search can sometimes lead to an unexpected rollercoaster ride. We know because we’ve been there.  As former attorneys, we are uniquely positioned to serve your needs (think of us as ‘coach’, ‘therapist’, and ‘advocate’ all rolled into one).

Identifying the right legal job for you is key.

We are committed to diversity-focused recruiting practices

We take the time to understand your values and match you with a company culture that resonates with you

We guide you through the legal job recruitment process

We properly prepare you for interviews

We cheer you on when you secure the role you’ve been waiting for

We celebrate you by making a charitable contribution in your name to your charity of choice when you are placed in the position that is right for you

Connect with our team of legal recruiters and our extensive network of hiring decision-makers within the legal job market. We celebrate your diversity and are ready to elevate your legal career.

Launch your legal job search with us – Upload your resume!